Save the Forest

“ Save the forest “ is an evolving series of work by Ignacio Campo Salinas with a predominant theme of resurrection and hope. Hope that we will save our precious forests, hope that we will save our planet from destruction.

In his previous series’, movement and darker shades of color are fiercely apparent, from grays and olives with insidious threads of dark black as if toxins are wrapping around the trees in suffocating intensity.

In this new series, the evolution of color has strongly come into place, transitioning from still and dark tones to energized and vibrant colors that are obvious in the progression from Save the forest I and II and V to Save the forest N.

If art is a reflection of a painter’s reality, this series is deeply a reflection of Ignacio’s reality. A reality steeped in a desire to create awareness, to nudge and budge humanity from apathy into action.

He is saying with his art…’Do something to stop the toxins from invading the forests. Lets clean up the forest, lets clean up our act, even if only in a small way. Whether it be recycling, using less chemicals, using less water… using less is more’.

…. Art is a form of truth, Ignacio’s truth, your truth and my truth.

Let’s do what we can to save our forest.