“Let me dream,” a surreal evolution of Ignacio Salinas’ “Save the Forest” series, finds the artist exploring environmental themes akin to “Forest,” but this time on a more metaphysical plane that begs for personal interpretation.

Inspired by the power of the dream landscape, Ignacio once again revisits the beauty and power of nature made so transparently clear in
his “Forest” series, to show an idealized world without pollution, albeit from the perspective of a dreamer, not a realist.

The vibrant greens and blues of the previous series are replaced by an even more vivacious blend of fluorescent, blood reds and hot pinks for an intoxicating medley.

In the dark of night, Ignacio’s fevered dream of a robust planet takes on a hallucinatory tone to create a dream worth living in.

Ignacio hopes for a day when society as a whole wakes up to the dangers it has caused the forests of the world. Let’s make his dream our reality.